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What in the world do you write in a space like this? I’m clueless. The best I can do is offer some information in no particular order:


1.      My birthday is April Fool’s Day, and I delight in this detail even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

2.      I have four beautiful, intelligent and visionary daughters. Each one is an incredible woman who is making a difference in her own sphere of influence.

3.      I have a wonderful son-in-law who is gifted and compassionate. He is one of the best fathers I have ever seen.

4.      I have grandsons, and I am praying for them to listen like Samuel, to be anointed like David and called like Paul. They are precious little boys who cause the very heart of me to smile.

5.      My husband is, though it sounds very cliché it is most truly true, my best friend and my beloved. He challenges me to face and embrace not only my flaws and faults, but also my giftings and strengths. His stalwart faith is an anchor. His gentle spirit is a blessing. His love is a covering.

6.      I love books and words. Especially, though I know it is a given, the Bible. Because it is God-breathed Scripture it is alive. Utterly quick. Utterly relevant. Utterly applicable. Utterly lovely.

7.      The most important event I ever participate in is prayer. Ever.

8.      Red. I love red.

9.      My name, Tamera, comes from the Hebrew root word tamar. It means palm tree.

10.    One of my favorite quotes is from Lloyd Alexander and his character Taran, “I saw myself…I saw strength—and frailty. Pride and vanity, courage and fear. Of wisdom, a little. Of folly, much. Of intentions, many good ones; but many more left undone. In this, alas, I saw myself a woman like any other.”  Page 270, Taran Wanderer


About Tamera

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