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Seventy Palms is meant to be a gathering place. It is my prayer that people, like the Israelites in Elim, would visit and revisit because they find and encounter the following:

1.      A place of respite. Our English word respite comes from the Latin root: respectus. The word carries the connotation of refuge.  My hope is that Seventy Palms might be a place that offers a time of refuge. A time of calm. A time and place of relief from the demands and expectations of the world.

2.      A place of rest. Paul tells us we are to spur one another on toward good deeds. We are
exhorted to not grow weary, but to continue and then we will see the harvest. But we do get weary. We do get tired. And we need to learn what it means to enter God’s rest, to enter his Sabbath.  May Seventy Palms be a place of Sabbath.

3.      A place of relinquishment. In order to participate in the first three we must learn to relinquish what we hold so tightly in our hands. May Seventy Palms be a place of giving-over. Of abandoned surrender. If only briefly, might we learn to relish life—to understand it is more than just hanging on, it is about savoring every moment.

4.      A place of restitution. Might Seventy Palms be a place where there are no locusts. Where the thieves and moths and rusts are held at bay. A place where we learn to embrace the fact that the Father wants us restored to our original state—the one he designed.

5.      A place of restoration. The world robs. It thieves. It takes. It saps. It depletes. God wants to reverse these. He will fill, replenish, offer and give. May Seventy Palms be a place where you recognize and accept God’s healing.

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